Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hawaiian sunset

above Ke'e Beach

Hawaiian hike

starting the hike

tug of war

on the edge of a waterfall

Waimai Canyon

Tunnels Beach

Seattle ferry

Zombie Adam, Courtney ran away super fast, zombies are his biggest fear

a nice romantic spot

at Fort Warden
climbing out of one of the tunnels

Adam begging for his life

Of course he got it look at how cool he is

Clint with his stolen property

all ready for a water fight

climbing on a shipwreck

Adams yearly shower, finally
Kasey , with nowhere else to go

Kasey, it was a lot scarier actually being there, Linley laughed when I jumped across a gap at that same time my life flashed before my eyes

at the Oregon Coast

Beth's Cafe
our Bellevue Luau

Mackenzie just starting, but he did finish and with enough room for a milkshake

12 egg omelet challenge at Beth's Cafe after spring finals.