Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Kaseys Bday

Kasey turns 24! Almost a quarter of a century old. My mom came down for the weekend and after opening up some fun presents we went to Buca de Bepo with my mom and some friends.

For the Second part of our Spring Break we went with our family to Birch Bay and then headed down to Anacortes.

Day 3- From Forks we drove over to Port Townsend and went clamming there at the hotel and then went over to Fort Warden. We had a lot of fun.

Day 2- FORKS, Washington- Hometown to the Twilight Books. I was secretly hoping to run into Edward Cullen- but no such luck. We did take a trip down to werewolf territory though- La Push. It was fun because we were in Forks the weekend that the movie had been released. We even ran into a store that was called Dazzled By Twilight.

Spring Break 2009

SPRING BREAK!!!!!!!!! For our Spring Break we went on a road trip with Kayden and Kelly. It was a Blast! So here are some pics from our Trip:
1st Day- Ocean Shores

The 2009 Dental School Galla Ball at the Seattle Aquarium~