Thursday, August 28, 2008

Our Move to Seattle

Well we made it safely to the big city of Seattle. Its well- different :-) Luckily our Apartment isn't smack down in downtown Seattle, but its still a lot busier then Cheney :-) Kasey started his orientation and classes start on Tuesday. His first day of class he gets to examine a cadaver, We bought his scalpels today- He's thrilled about that part of school (not) But he met some cool people in the Dental program and says they don't all seem like crazy liberals who don't eat meat.
:-) We have a young couple who live here in the building that go to our ward who seem like a lot of fun. They just had their second baby. Kasey's glad that there are babies in the building so that I can get my "baby fix". Well we love and miss you all and hope that everything is going well.